June 17th, 2013

The Great Global Friendship Run (TGGFR) is on Facebook!  Check out  the many, many photos we have added over the past 2 weeks, as well as continuous updates.

Here's the link:  https://www.Facebook.com/TGGFR

Thanks to Jerry's wife, Shirley Robertson, and several others, as well as some screen captures (stills) I made from Mickey's VIMEO videos, we have added probably 100 or so photos in the last week alone onto Facebook.  Some are displayed on the "timeline" main page, but if you click the "Photos" box just underneath the header banner/ cover image, you will see many more.  Once you are in the photos section, you can see the "Albums" choice near the upper right.  Click on it.  Our Ethiopia photos are in several albums to facilitate finding the ones you want to see or use for a specific purpose:

    Ethiopia Friendship Run - The Power Of Hope
    Ethiopia Running Montage - Stan Cottrell On The GGFR (from the video)
    Jerry Spencer Ministries in Ethiopia
    Ethiopia Launch - The Great Global Friendship Run  (mostly from the video)

Of course, Jerry Spencer Ministries (JSM) was a part of it all, brought Stan to Ethiopia, and Shirley provided many of the photos in the album "Ethiopia Friendship Run" as well as in "Jerry Spencer Ministries in Ethiopia."

Enjoy the photos!