These terms and conditions of use apply to the LLC [GIVE.MOBI] website and it's software applications that operate on various wireless mobile smartphone devices. All access and use of this website and said mobile application offers evidence and confirmation of your agreement to be bound by the following terms. If you do not agree to the following terms then use of the website and it's noted mobile smartphone applications, are hereby prohibited.

  1. Donor Privacy Policy
    It is the intention of LLC to respect the privacy of users of our mobile services and website. As such, we respect the privacy of donors and of the non-profit organizations to whom donations are issued. LLC collects from donors, personal information than is reasonably necessary to provide the services to our charities and our customers. Personal donor information including first & last name, email address, location at time of donation along with the amount of the donation and/or pledge, is made available exclusively to the non-profit organization designated by the donor. We do not sell personal information, nor do we license it to anyone else.
  2. Content of Website and Mobile Applications
    The information provided on our website [] and mobile smartphone applications is expressly designed for use by our client charities and mobile donors. Donations issued from donors using our mobile smartphone applications shall be directed and distributed directly to the charity designated by the donor.
  3. Refund Policy
    After a donation has been issued, and the transaction is complete, funds are routed directly to the designated non-profit organization via PayPal. You will have to contact the designated non-profit organization regarding any request and subsequent procedure for a refund.
  4. and its partner organizations incur marketing, technology and administration costs associated with all donations. Together, we are dedicated to providing the most efficient business processes available. We are proud to confirm that these costs have been limited to 5% to ensure disbursements to charities of 95% (less any applicable credit card processing fees) of each donation.
  5. Federal law prohibits you or anyone related to you from receiving more than an incidental benefit or consideration from a charity to which your designated donation is issued.
  6. It is our intention that this website and mobile smartphone applications be used only in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Use of this website and mobile smartphone applications outside of that intended purpose is prohibited. By use of this website and mobile smartphone application, you hereby represent that you are not using it in any unlawful manner.
  7. It is the LLC policy to respect and not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of other parties, including rights of trademark, copyright, patent and related intellectual property rights. By use of the website and mobile smartphone applications, you represent also that you will not infringe upon said intellectual property rights.
  8. If the contribution you are making is directed to a political entity that falls within the scope of governance by the Federal Election Commission users are hereby agreeing that the following statements are true.
    1. This contribution is made knowingly and voluntarily from my own funds, not those of another and the contribution is not controlled by another individual or made from the proceeds of a gift given to provide funds to be contributed.
    2. This contribution is not made from the general treasury funds of a corporation, labor organization or national bank.
    3. I am not a foreign national who lacks permanent resident status in the U.S., nor do I personally contract with the federal government for personal services or the sale of goods, land or buildings.
    4. I am at least 18 years old.
    5. I affirm that this contribution is made on a personal credit card or pay pal account for which I have the legal obligation to pay, and not through a corporate or business entity account or account of another.
  10. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.